You want to order SODA for your client but you do not want to waste time looking for which social secretariat he is attached to? Use the SODA 'Boost' service from CodaBox!

CodaBox's SODA service allows you to collect salary slips from your client's social secretariat for a fixed monthly fee* and for an unlimited number of your clients for whom you already use the CODA service

The SODA 'Boost' Service, how does it work?


  • Checks, via the CODA of your clients, which social secretariat they are linked to
  • Gives you an overview of all your clients who are eligible for the SODA service, as well as the social secretariat they are linked to
  • Activates the SODA service for a list of clients on the overview that has been agreed with you

By activating SODA-Boost, you can optimize the monthly cost of the SODA service with a minimum of effort

There is no need to worry:

  • CodaBox's access to your clients' CODAs is limited to the verification of the social secretariat which they are attached to
  • The activation will be final only after your validation of the overview that CodaBox has communicated to you
  • Afterwards, via MyCodaBox, you can always order SODA for your other clients and deactivate the SODA service partially or entirely.

*There is also a one-time activation fee for SODA per client.

Find the SODA pricing in detail via MyCodaBox - ACCOUNT - Contracts & Services - SODA


Interested in SODA activation via Boost? 

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