Ordering SODA files via MyCodaBox and exporting salary entries via Belcofin

  • Your Office orders SODA in MyCodaBox for the concerned clients
  • CodaBox sends LBRP (Belcofin software manager) the SODA orders on a weekly basis
  • LBRP activates a client mandate based on this .CSV file, so your office knows to which client this mandate is linked (step 'Renew mandates' in Belcofin)
  • Your office obtains a license for the SODA module in the Belcofin software
  • Your office exports the salary entries in Belcofin via the step 'Export salary entries':
    • The procedure to export to CodaBox via your Belcofin software is available on the LBRP FAQ
  • LBRP delivers the exported data to CodaBox
  • CodaBox converts this data into a SODA file, which is sent to your office via the daily delivery

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