On this page you will find all the information to manage your own user data and password and - if you are Admin - to invite and manage other MyCodaBox users within your organization.

Manage your personal MyCodaBox user data

You are a new CodaBox client and your SME doesn't have access yet to MyCodaBox?

CodaBox will send an invitation email (from services@codabox.com), allowing you to get access to MyCodaBox. 

Click on the link in the email and follow the procedure: you will be asked to enter a password (your email address is already registered and read-only).

You don't have access yet? Contact helpdesk@codabox.com.

Change or reset your password

Have you forgotten your MyCodaBox password and do you need to reset it, or would you simply like to change it?

Change your password
  1. Go to MyCodaBox.
  2. Click on your username (your email address) and select Change my password.Change your MyCodaBox password
  3. Enter your current password, choose your new password and confirm by clicking on Change my password.

Enter a new MyCodaBox password

Forgotten password?

Reset your password:

  1. Go to the MyCodabox login page and click Forgot your password?
    MyCodaBox password forgotten
  2. Enter your email address and click Reset my password.
    Reset MyCodaBox password
  3. You will then receive an email with a reset button valid for 1 hour.                                  

Change your own user data (name)
If necessary, you can change your first name and surname. 
  1. In MyCodaBox, click on your user name (your email address) and select Personal info.Manage your personal info in MyCodaBox
  2. Edit the fields and click Save changes.
    ✘Your name cannot contain numbers or symbols.

    Change your name in MyCodaBox
Extra security for your account?

In MyCodaBox, you can enable two-factor authentication: that way, your account will be extra secure! 

Read all about it here.

Activate two-factor authentication in MyCodaBox

Manage and invite other MyCodaBox users (Admin)

Managing other MyCodaBox users is only possible if you have Admin access (as a CodaBox client you decide who is Admin or not). You will then see this option in the menu bar at the top:
Manage MyCodaBox users

Give access to a colleague(s)
You can give access to colleagues.

There are two types of access to MyCodaBox:

  • User: Has access to this organization's environments and can manage all of the organization's companies 
  • Admin: Has access to this organization's environments, can manage all of the organization's companies AND has access to the Administration menu, to manage/invite MyCodaBox users

You are Admin in MyCodaBox and would like to invite a colleague?

  1. Go to your Organization > MyCodaBox > Administration > Manage users.
    (the Administration menu is visible only to Admins)Manage MyCodaBox users
  2. In the Manage users window, click Invite user.Invite a user in MyCodaBox
  3. In the invitation pop-up, enter your colleague's (professional) email address, use the switch to select the type of user access to MyCodaBox and confirm with the Invite user button.Invite a user to join your Organization in MyCodaBox

An overview of all MyCodaBox users
Via the top menu in MyCodaBox, under Administration > Manage users, you will find an overview of all the MyCodaBox users of the organization. 
The search field allows you to search for a specific user (by email address or name). 
Using the black arrows ↑ ↓ you can sort the list according to your preference. 

The various statuses of invited users and possible actions
StatusStatus descriptionPossible actions
ActiveThis person has an active MyCodaBox account
  • Change the type of access
  • Revoke access (delete user)
Admin switch: choose the type of accessTrash icon: delete the user

An email has been sent to sign up for an account or to accept the invitation to MyCodaBox
  • Change the type of access
  • Resend the invitation
  • Revoke the invitation (delete user)
Admin switch: choose the type of accessResend icon: send the invitation againTrash icon: delete the user
Invitation expiredThis person did not sign up for an account or accept the invitation to MyCodaBox on time: you can resend or revoke the invitation
  • Resend the invitation (the invitation expires after 14 days)
  • Revoke the invitation (delete user)
Resend icon: send the invitation againTrash icon: delete the user 

Delete a user
Via the top menu in MyCodaBox, go to Administration > Manage users
Find the user in the list and click on the thrash-icon.
This user will no longer have access to the organization and linked environments you’re managing in MyCodaBox.

Manage MyCodaBox users (Admin): Troubleshooting

I invited my colleague but the invitation email got lost. How can I send a new one?
Please ask your colleague to check their spam folder in case the email ended up there. 
→ You can resend the invitation via the top menu of MyCodaBox, under Administration > Manage users > Actions menu > Then click on the resend invitation icon.Resend a MyCodaBox invitation

Can I change the name of a user?
Currently, it is not possible to change the first or last name of a MyCodaBox user. 
→ You can, however, ask the user to make this change in MyCodaBox. See these instructions above.

Can I change the email address of a user?
Currently, it is not possible to change the email address of a MyCodaBox user. 
→ You can, however, delete the existing account with the outdated or wrong email address and invite the person again with the correct email address.

Can I limit a user's access to an environment?
Currently, it is not possible to limit the users' access to a specific environment. 
Once invited to an organization, a MyCodaBox user will by default have access to all environments that are linked to the organization.

Do you have any questions? We'll be happy to answer them via helpdesk@codabox.com