Make it easy for you! Add a new client via MyCodaBox, even though the client already exists in our system under a another office.

Creating the client

If you want to add a customer via the 'New Client' page, MyCodaBox will give you a notification that the client already exists with the possibility to request a transfer.

With the message 'Do you want to transfer the client to your office' you simply confirm this question and all the data that you have just entered in 'New client' will be passed on to our administrative department. At that time your request is registered and you can track the status of your request on the 'Client Transfers' page. You do not have to send us an e-mail.

Codabox transfers your client

We make the transfer to your office, even if the mandate is still active at the previous accountant*

Note: If the transfer concerns a client who currently has a direct contract with CodaBox, we ask him to confirm this via e-mail as the transfer of his folder to your office will end his contract with CodaBox.

Your client signs the documents

If your client already existed in our system and was transferred to your office, the client must always sign mandate documents (such as every 'normal client'). If we already have CODA files for this client, we can deliver them again to your office: Request CODA resend

Follow-up ?

Track your requests via 'Client Transfer List'. These are the different steps that a request goes through:

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