Transfer an existing company to your office in 4 steps

Do you want to transfer a company that is already on file with CodaBox, to your office?

  1. In MyCodaBox, go to Companies > + Add or transfer.
    Transfer a company
  2. Fill in the company details. 
  3. Click Save company.
    The system detects that this company is already on file with CodaBox and offers you the possibility of transferring the company to your office.
  4. On the next screen, complete the 'Bank accounts', the 'Social Offices' and request, if necessary, the sending of past CODAs by selecting the period in the calendar via the field 'Deliver past CODAs'.

    Please note that we can only deliver CODA that we have received from the bank

What's next:
  1. CodaBox transfers the company to your office ⇨ the company is visible in your 'Company list'.
  2. CodaBox sends the CODA mandate(s) for this company to your client for signature. (*)
  3. CodaBox handles the mandate(s) signed by your client.
  4. Your office receives CODA for this company.

(*) If CodaBox does the mandate management for your office.

This procedure is also available in a short video 
On this page you can watch a short video tutorial  'How to request a client transfer' (note: the wordings used on the screens have since changed). 
Be sure to check out our other video tutorials, which walk you step-by-step through MyCodaBox with concrete examples.

Follow the status of your transfers?
You can follow your transfers via MyCodaBox > Companies > Company transfer list
Company transfer list in MyCodaBoxThe different statuses of your transfers are explained in detail in this article

What about the Services that were activated for this company before the transfer to your office?
During the transfer, you decide which service(s) to activate:

Active Service 

BEFORE the Transfer

STATUS if Service ordered by the new AccountantSTATUS if Service NOT ordered by the new Accountant
SODA / VOILATransferredCanceled
VOICI / CAROAlways Canceled

Note: When a company signs a contract directly with CodaBox: only the CODA Service remains active.

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