Registering your Accountancy with CodaBox is a simple process:


Registers via the channel of its choice:

- By filling in a Registration form

- By contacting a CodaBox specialist

- By signing a contract with Codabox through its reseller

- Prepares the Agreement

- Signs the Agreement 


- Register the Fiduciary in its system
- Creates the MyCodaBox online platform
- Send the Fiduciary an e-mail concering his access to MyCodaBox


- Creates its MyCodaBox login and password
- Is ready to encode its customers in MyCodabox or asks Codabox to import the completed order with customer contact information

* One platform by accounting software

Management and activation of mandates

  • The Fiduciary chooses to order its mandates by entering its customer data in MyCodabox or by completing its customer data in the data sheet that will be imported by CodaBox into its system

    The management of the mandates ** occurs according to 1 of these options:

    You manage your clients' mandates
    Codabox manages your clients' mandates

    You are in charge of the administrative management of all mandates.
    Codabox does not send anything by post

    CodaBox sends the mandate by post to your clients with a pre-stamped envelope to return the original signed mandate to CodaBox

    Through MyCodaBox you can pick up the mandates to offer to your customers.

    CodaBox invites your customers by e-mail to Electronically sign their mandates via MyCodaBox
    You return signed mandates to CodaBox. (you will receive pre-stamped envelopes for this)
    CodaBox informs you by e-mail about the sending of mandates by post to your customers
    You can also offer your client to Electronically sign their mandates via MyCodaBox
    Via MyCodaBox, you can download the mandate documents yourself and provide them to your client

  • The accountant's client signs and the client or the accountant returns the mandates (if paper version)
  • CodaBox receives the signed mandates and sends them to the bank for validation and activation
  • The bank verifies the signatures and activates the delivery of CODA files
  • CodaBox delivers your CODA files via the corresponding method that fits for your accounting software.

** At the beginning of the collaboration, this must be clearly agreed between your office and CodaBox