Using your clients' details, the various companies are created in MyCodaBox. Your clients can then sign their mandates so that you receive the files. You will also have access to MyCodaBox to manage, follow up and add new companies yourself from now on. 

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ContractI sign the CodaBox contract via a digital signature
OrderI send the Excel data sheet, the Fiche signalétique/gegevensfiche, filled in with my clients' data to CodaBox (and I can make my 1st order of CODA mandates) so that the companies can be created in MyCodaBox.
MyCodaBoxI create my access to the MyCodaBox (I receive an invitation by e-mail via
Signing mandates

My client signs his/her CODA mandates. 2 methods are available:

CODA follow-upI follow the status of my mandates via MyCodaBox. Useful links:
Bank infoEach bank has its own specifications for Mandates/CODA, info in this article
DeliveryCodaBox contacts me to define the delivery method of my files.
Are you using Exact Online? Follow these instructions to correctly set up your digital postbox in Exact Online and link it to the bank accounts. 
BillingI receive my 1st CodaBox invoice

More info:

Manage your companies and your mandates: it's easy via MyCodaBox!

Standard functionsDescription
I manage my companies & mandates 
I create new companies (e.g. when acquiring new clients)I enter the required information*
I transfer companies from another accounting office to my officeThe transfer is completed in 5 steps* and I can request CODA from the past for this company, that CodaBox has already received from the bank
I request CODA from the pastYou can ask for CODA from the past via MyCodaBox* (from the date the mandate was activated)

* A video procedure is available. See all our MyCodaBox Academy videos

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