MyCodaBox is a platform that is created and configured by CodaBox during the process of registering your account in our system.

When you Log in to your platform, you have access to your CodaBox account settings and you can manage your clients, their mandates and the services they subscribe to.

This information is accessible via various menus:


  • Client List
    This list contains all your clients and can be updated via New Client. For existing clients, you can easily apply for new mandates and services. Export clients data in a CSV or Excel format.
  • Client Transfer List
    Track the status of your client transfer requests.
  • New Client
    Add clients to your list of existing clients by completing the form available in this section.


  • Coda

        List of all CODA mandates of your clients, their status and as well as the activation date of these mandates.

        Search for CODA mandates and Bank accounts according different criteria.

        Export CODA mandates and bank accounts in a CSV or Excel format.

  • Soda

        List of all the SODA mandates of your clients, their status, as well as the activation date of these mandates.

        Search for SODA mandates according to different criteria.

        Export SODA mandates in CSV or Excel format.

        List of all your clients registered with CodaBox and for whom you have ordered or can order the Purchase Invoices                   service. Search for clients to view the status of the Purchase Invoice service.


  • Settings
    Configuring the receipt of the PDF version of CODA / SODA for your clients
  • Contracts & Services
    Useful information about all Contracts and Services offered by CodaBox
  • Fiduciary information 
    Data about your account registered with CodaBox


  • e-Box
    Link to the Social Security portal

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