As an Accounting Office, client of CodaBox, which works with several accounting software, you also have access to several MyCodaBox platforms. See our page MyCodaBox and my accounting softwares.


MyCodaBox now offers the option to easily transfer your customer from one of your platforms to another one.

The way it works is simple: 

  • You connect to the MyCodaBox platform which contains the customer's details and you request the transfer to another platform.
  • You follow-up the status of your request via your MyCodaBox destination  platform.
  • Once the process is complete, your client is transferred to the new platform without cancelling the delivery of CODAs and SODAs, and without having to sign a new mandate!

Note: A platform transfer can only be requested via MyCodaBox by an accountant having different platforms linked to the same company number. In other cases of transfer, please contact

Client transfer to another platform

Login to MyCodaBox, in the menu CLIENTS - Client List, select the customer to be transferred to another of your platforms and in the window displaying your client's details, in the tab Client Information, click on 'Transfer to another platform'   

(this option is only available for accounting offices that have at least two platforms):

In the following window, specify to which platform your customer must be transferred:

If required, enter the new details of your customer:

  • Client Code: The current value is entered, but you can change it. 
  • Exact Online e-mail address: If the new platform is exact Online
  • Free note field: you can directly request the resending of the CODA files for this customer, so that you do not have to contact us again at a later date.
  • Email + VOILA preference: only visible if the customer had subscribed to the VOILA Service. See our article VOILA Service and options during a Platform Transfer

Click on Confirm

Your transfer request is registered in our system

 You can Follow its status via the new platform in CLIENTSClient Transfert List
On this screen, you always have the option of Canceling the transfer (for example, if the destination platform is selected incorrectly).

  • If you receive an error message during the process of transferring your client to another platform, please refer to our article My client's transfer request failed.
  • You want to add a bank account for the customer you want to transfer to another platform?
    Just do this operation via MyCodaBox, before starting the transfer procedure: How to add a new bank account for an existing client?
  • You have created a customer on the 'wrong' platformand you want to transfer it to the 'right' platform?

    Don't use archiving, use platform transfer!