Every change in the financial year (ex.: 2018 to 2019 ;  2019 to 2020 etc.) needs to be changed in BOB50.

This is done by modifying the new path on which the CODA-files are being sent.


  • Normally, most Resellers know this and send out a new script or update every year to modify this path, but sometimes this needs to be done manually.
  • This is only necessary if your CODA files are delivered via FTP (physically on the server).

How to do this?

The manual adaptation of the CODA file path is done in Bob's Banking Module Options via Files CODA. It is in this field that the path to the directory to be used by default to retrieve the CODA files must be entered :

For more information about changing the path in Bob to retrieve your CODA files, please contact your Reseller.

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