Accountants who subscribe their clients to the CARO service receive their client’s professional credit card statements directly for all credit card statements for which the account holder and card holder have provided their consent. 

Who is eligible for this service?

The client of the accountant who has an active CODA mandate at a supported bank.

Which banks are supported?

Axa, BNP Paribas Fortis, Crelan and Fintro are supported.

How to order CARO?

Order the CARO Service

CARO Delivery?

You will receive in a first phase, a pdf file of the credit card statements of your clients. These pdf files will be available via the same way you receive your CODA files (if the combination with your accounting package allows this). The pdf files will also be available for download via your MyCodaBox platform.

CARO Pricing?

CARO can be ordered, based on an active mandate for an IBAN with a bank that supports this service.

Administrative costs* :

- Single amount per client reference on activation

- No cumulation with CODA

- Administrative costs must be paid separately for CODA and CARO

110 mandates = 110 x administrative costs20 client references = 20 x administrative costs

Monthly recurring costs*:

- Cumulation of CODA and CARO to calculate the monthly recurring cost

110 active current accounts 20 active client references
110 + 20 = a total of 130 items

In the above example, 130 items will be charged as monthly recurring costs. The amount charged per item depends on the total number of active items. So in this cas,e it is the amount that corresponds to the range between 121 and 240 units (see table below).

Determination of the recurring costs* based on the total number of items:

Number of items (CODA+CARO) 
+ 500
Between 241 and 500
Between 121 and 240
Between 61 and 120
Between 3 and 60
Between 1 and 2

*The prices and the Service description are available in MyCodaBox  - ACCOUNT - Contracts & Services

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