Does your accounting software support direct integration of CodaBox files via our API CodaBox Connect?

At the moment, three software packages offer this direct integration functionality but before you can use this feature, CodaBox needs your consent.

SoftwareType of files that can be integrated directly

Note: this connection is only possible for accounting offices, not for SMEs that are direct clients of CodaBox.

How to give your consent?

If your software has an integrated function to connect to CodaBox, please refer to their help pages to use this feature. 

When activating the connection, your office will be asked for consent. You can give this consent via MyCodaBox.

Your software will guide you to MyCodaBox: log in with your known CodaBox details.

You will be redirected to the 'Manage your consent' screen. 

After reading the terms and conditions, if you agree, activate the switch to accept them and click 'Allow Consent'.

Confirm your choice in the next screen.

Manage your consent in MyCodaBox

A confirmation of your consent appears and you will be redirected to your accounting software.

Consent confirmed in MyCodaBox

View / manage your CodaBox Connect consents in MyCodaBox

In your MyCodaBox environment, go to Administration > CodaBox Connect.

Go to CodaBox Connect in MyCodaBox

All CodaBox Connect consents, their status and identifier are displayed on this screen.

CodaBox Connect overview of consents

There are 4 possible statuses for consent:

  • Allowed: You have given your consent. Your accounting software can access and process the client-related documents.
  • Denied: You have chosen to deny consent. CodaBox does not share the documents with your accounting software.
  • To be determined: You have not yet given your consent to allow your accounting software to access all client related documents. In the 'Actions' column, you can allow or deny this API connection.
  • Cancelled: You have withdrawn your consent.

Do you wish to send the ID of a specific consent to your partner software?
Click on the identifier to copy the code:
Consent ID copied

Do you wish to revoke an application's access to your customers' files, following a change of accounting solution?
  1. In the Actions column, click Cancel.
    Cancel consent in MyCodaBox
  2. Confirm your request in the next screen.
    Confirm cancellation of consent

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