Mailbox configuration and sub-account handling in EOL

EOL mailbox setup in Exact Online

Whether you are an Accounting Office or an SME, to receive your CODA files directly into your Exact Online software, you need to set up your mailbox in EOL.

How do I do this?

Go to the Exact Online help pages, follow the procedure 'Digital postbox | Set up a digital postbox' in 'How does CodaBox work'.

Are you an Accounting Office?

Please go to the next step and set up the EOL e-mail address in your MyCodaBox platform by following our procedure below to set up this e-mail address in your client information

⇨ Once the EOL address is configured in MyCodaBox, the available CODAs will automatically be sent to this mailbox.

Are you an SME?

In principle, you gave us your EOL address when you signed your contract, but it is possible that you have registered another address in EOL in the meantime. If you do not receive CODA files in EOL, please contact and inform us of your new EOL address.

Set up your client's Exact Online e-mail address in MyCodaBox

Accounting Offices working with Exact Online software can adapt their client's Exact Online e-mail address in their MyCodaBox platform.

Go to your MyCodaBox platform > CLIENTS > Client List > select the client concerned and in the Client tab/under Informations, click Edit

Adapt the Exact Online Digital Mailbox and click Save Changes

Search for missing Exact Online e-mail addresses

A filter can be applied to search for missing Exact Online e-mail addresses.

In MyCodaBox > CLIENTS > CLIENT List > Select 'Without Exact Online Mailbox' to display a list of clients for which the Exact Online e-mail address is missing.

You don't work with EOL but your client does?

An Accounting Office not working with Exact Online can communicate its client's Exact Online address to CodaBox.

In some cases, an Accounting Office that does not work with Exact Online may need to inject the Exact Online e-mail address of its client who has its own Exact Online license and who uses this address for direct delivery.  

In this case, the Accounting Office cannot adapt the e-mail address of its client via MyCodaBox.

If this e-mail address needs to be modified, please make this request via

Exact Online and sub-accounts


A sub-account is a bank account with an identical IBAN as the main account to which it is linked. 

For example, it is possible to open a main account in Euros, and then open sub-accounts in a different currency (USD, GBP, etc.). Another example of a sub-account is the specific ING account, which allows separate management of wealth and daily transactions.

Processing by Exact Online?

You notice that all transactions on the sub-account are recorded on its main account. 

This sub-account has the same account number as the main account, with an additional heading number.

Please contact Exact OnlineThe field number is not taken into account by Exact Online, the platform does not detect that it is a sub-account of a main account. You can contact Exact Online to have this sub-account treated separately.

Stop receiving CODA for a sub-account?

Do you want to stop receiving CODAs for a sub-account linked to one of your active mandates?

Please contact Exact Online: CodaBox cannot stop the delivery of CODA for subaccounts but you can contact Exact Online to have this subaccount processed separately.


Problem in ExactOnline: No CODA file

The main reason why a client does not receive his CODA files in Exact Online is that he has not set up his EOL correctly.

There are two possible causes:

  • Incorrect Exact Online mailbox
    It is required to configure the mailbox in EOL (see above procedure) to receive your CODA files directly in your accounting software.

  • Financial year not created
    For Exact Online, at the start of a new financial year, the client must set up a new financial year in Exact Online on the first day of the new financial year. Otherwise, the CODA files sent by us will not be displayed in Exact Online.
    Once the new financial year has been created, please close Exact Online and restart. All previously supplied CODA's will be visible.

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