Whether you are an Accounting Office or an SME, to receive your CODA files directly into your Exact Online software, you need to set up your mailbox in EOL.

How do I do this?

Go to the Exact Online help pages, follow the procedure 'Digital postbox | Set up a digital postbox' in 'How does CodaBox work'.

Are you an Accounting Office?

Please go to the next step and set up the EOL e-mail address in your MyCodaBox platform by following our procedure to set up this e-mail address in your client information

⇨ Once the EOL address is configured in MyCodaBox, the available CODAs will automatically be sent to this mailbox.

Are you an SME?

In principle, you gave us your EOL address when you signed your contract, but it is possible that you have registered another address in EOL in the meantime. If you do not receive CODA files in EOL, please contact support@codabox.com and inform us of your new EOL address.