Below the steps you need to take to install the CodaBox Synchronization Tool on your machine.

Download de software
You can download the software via the following link
Note: The software detects the version of your operating system and adapts its language according to it.

Installation on Windows
  • If you click the link for Windows on the page above, you will be able to download the zip file 'CodaBox-SyncTool-0.3.4.Setup.exe’ 
  • Open/double click the installation file to install it further
  • The following window will appear while the software is installing:
  • After installation the software opens automatically


Opening of the software
You can open the software by clicking the shortcut on the desktop or via the Windows Start menu

Closing of the software

Closing the software can be done in several ways:

  • Via the menu: Actions > Quit application
  • Via the system tray of the Windows taskbar by right-clicking on the icon of the CodaBox SyncTool and select 'Quit application

You can also minimize the software to continue to run in the background and automatically download files when new ones are available. This can be done by clicking on the 'x' at the top right of the application. Once minimized, you can open the application again by clicking on the icon in the system tray.

The menus
The CodaBox SyncTool has following menu's:
  1. Actions

    The Actions menu has the following items:
    • Add new connectionA new window will appear when you add a new connection
    • Quit application: The CodaBox SyncTool will be closed
  2. Help

    The Help menu has the following items:

    • View user manual: Open the user manual in English in your browser
    • Show version: Here you can find information about the installed version of the software


To download the files, you must first configure your software with a username and password you received have from CodaBox. If you didn’t receive that, please contact the CodaBox Support team 

Add a new connection

A connection is a combination of a username, password and a download folder.

You can add different connections so that you can download the files from different ftp’s, each in a different folder on your computer.

To add a connection, click on the Add new connection button found in the main window, or via the Actions > Add new connection menu. In a new window you will be able to enter the username and password you received from CodaBox, as well as the folder where you want to download the files. Below you can find an example of how you could fill in the connection details:

After you have entered everything, click on the Confirm button. The saved connection will appear in the main window. If you don't want to save the connection, click the Cancel button:

Test a connection
Once the connection has been added, you can check whether or not it’s active. This can be done by clicking the Test connection button

When the connection is successful:

  • The Test connection button shows a green V for 5 seconds
  • The Connection status is set to OK via a V check mark
  • The date and time of the last successful connection is shown

When the connection failed:

  • The Test connection button shows a red ! exclamation mark for 5 seconds
  • The Connection status is set to failed via a red ! exclamation mark
  • The user gets a pop-up with the reason of failure

ATTENTION!  Below you can find a list of the most common error messages and their solution

Edit a connection

In case you made a mistake entering the details, or you want to change the destination folder for the downloads, you can click on the Edit connection button next to the connection you want to change

A window will appear with the data already entered, so that you can easily adjust it. When you're done, press the Confirm button. If you don't want to change anything, you can click the Cancel button.

Delete a connection
You can also delete an existing connection by clicking the Delete connection button. After an additional confirmation, this connection is removed


The files you already downloaded locally will not be deleted if you remove the connection in the CodaBox SyncTool. If you also want to remove them, you will have to do it manually on your computer

Download files

Once the connection is established, the CodaBox SyncTool will check every 2 hours if new files are available, and also download them in the specified folder.

You can also check and download files at any time, if they are available on the server. Click on the Download files button next to the selected connection


If an error occurs, you will get a window with the description of the error. In this chapter you can find an overview of the most common errors and what you can do about them.

I can't login
  1. Login of password not correct
    It is possible that your login or password is incorrect. Check whether you are indeed using the login and password that you received from CodaBox.
  2. Firewall problems
    If you are using a correct login and password, but still fail to connect to the CodaBox server, there could be several other reasons why you are unable to connect. Therefore, always check with your IT department first: it may be that the problem lies with the firewall you are using. They can easily solve this for you.

My files are not downloaded
  1. No access to the folder
    You have a working connection, but the files are not coming into the folder you selected. You may not have permissions to write files to that folder. Check with your IT department, they can solve this problem for you.
  2. No enough space
    You may not have enough storage space on the disk where the folder is located. In this case you will have to free up space by deleting or moving other files.

Other error messages
You've checked previous error messages in this chapter, but it turns out that something else is wrong. First look in the logs to see what the error is. The logs can be found on your computer: 

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\CodaBox SyncTool\logs

The logs are organized by date and by connection, and can contain valuable information about what has occurred. You may find the solution to your problem here. If you are unable to solve it yourself, please contact the CodaBox Support Team.
They will assist you in solving the problem.