Overview of the different costs:

Technical costs
A monthly cost is charged for each current account based on a progressive rate.
The delivery of CODA files from a savings account is always free of charge (there are no monthly costs).*
Subaccounts are not charged, only the main account is charged.

Administrative costs
Each mandate represents a unique administrative cost (regardless of the number or the type of accounts present in the mandate).
A mandate may contain one or more bank accounts, but of the same bank.

1 mandate with 1 bank account = 1x administrative cost

1 mandate with 5 bank accounts = 1x administrative cost

A client with 5 bank accounts of the same bank, will be charged 1x the administrative cost if requested at the same time.
A client with 5 bank accounts at 5 different banks will be charged 5x the administrative cost.
Administrative costs are always due.

*CodaBox does not charge administrative costs for savings accounts if you apply for them simultaneously with a current account under the same mandate. If a savings account is requested on a separate mandate, Administrative costs will be charged when this account will be activated.

Our rates in detail?

  • You are an accountant and already a CodaBox client?

    The rates are available in your MyCodaBox via ENVIRONMENT - Contracts & Services

  • You are an SME?
    Please contact helpdesk@codabox.com

  • You are an accountant and you want to become a CodaBox client?

    Please contact sales@codabox.com

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