To Manage/Adapt your Client's data, go to your MyCodaBox platform

In Clients - Client List, search for your Client and display his details in Client Information. 

Click Edit to modify the data.

Which fields can be adapted?

All fields are editable, except for the Enterprise Number, but if this field is empty, it can be filled in. In this case the Enterprise Name cannot be changed.

Note: his client receives PDF of CODA and SODA by email 

→ If this option is checked, the client receives in pdf format his CODA and SODA files. This is only possible if the email address of the client is registered and the Global option is checked.

Depending on the field that has been adapted, a warning message may appear:

It informs the user of the possible impact following the modification of this field. See our article Updating my client's information: Questions / Answers

When the changes are applied, click Save Changes. The modification is confirmed

Depending on the adapted data, after the save, a pop-up appears, its content varies according to the type of management of your mandates. 

If CodaBox takes care of the management of your mandates, an additional option is available: You can request to send the mandate back to your client.

If you change the status of the CODA mandate in the screen above, a confirmation pop-up is displayed, prompting you to confirm your choice. 

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