To allow CodaBox to retrieve your client's CODAs for a KBC/CBC account, your client must perform an action in his/her bank application to create the link between CodaBox and the bank.

To create this link, your client has to log in to his/her CBC/KBC Touch or Business Dashboard and select CodaBox as external software for each account concerned.

Did your client follow the procedure below to link his/her bank account to CodaBox?

➟ This info is available in your Dashboard

Procedure to communicate to your client:

Activation in KBC Touch
  • Log on to KBC Touch
  • Click on your account name on the top right
  • Click on 'Settings'
  • On the 'profile' page, click on 'Settings'
  • You will see 1 of the following options under 'Link to external software package':

Click on this optionClick on this option
Select the account(s) to linkThe account(s) already linked is/are selected
In the drop-down menu that contains the list of external software > Select CODABOXSelect all other accounts to be linked
Accept the terms and conditions and Click on Link

Note: The Linking function is only available to professional users

Activation in Business Dashboard
  • Go to KBC Business Dashboard and click on 'Settings'
  • In 'Accounts & Cards', click on 'Use by third parties' 
  • In 'Usage of your KBC-account by thirds parties', click  on 'Export account details to your software'
  • Click on 'Create link' and select the account(s) to link
  • In the list of external software, select CODABOX 
  • Accept the terms and conditions and sign the transaction 

Important :

If your office still does not receive CODAs, even though your client has followed the above steps to link up with CodaBox:

  1.  Go to your Dashboard to check if your client has linked his/her bank account to CodaBox
  2. Check with your client to make sure he/she has followed all the steps in the procedure for the account(s) concerned. 
  3. See our article about possible causes in the section Linking the KBC/CBC account with CodaBox: Troubleshooting! 

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