Register the mandate via MyCodaBox

The client performs two actions

⇨ BOTH actions are necessary for CodaBox to provide you with the CODA!

Follow-up of the mandate status in MyCodaBox

Via MyCodaBox, you can follow up on the actions your client still has to perform

Awaiting signature/Available onlinePending signed mandate1+2
Awaiting signature/Available onlinePending signed mandate - bank activation already completed1
BankprocedurePending activation by client2
BankprocedureBank activation completed - pending first CODA file/
ActivePending activation by client2
ActiveBank activation completed - pending first CODA file/
ActiveCODA is provided/

Did your client follow the procedure to link his/her bank account to CodaBox?

➟ This info is available in your Dashboard

Linking KBC/CBC account with CodaBox: Troubleshooting!

The status in MyCodaBox is delayed by 2 days. If MyCodaBox still shows 'Pending activation by client', then here are the possible causes:

  • You have registered other accounts at CodaBox than the ones your client has activated in his banking application. Check this with your client. If necessary, register the correct accounts in MyCodaBox (attention: the client must always perform action 1).
  • The client has linked the account with another third party
  • The client has activated CODA for himself
  • The client has forgotten to make the link

For the last 3 reasons, refer your client to the KBC/CBC CODA activation procedure: it is important that the client chooses 'CodaBox' in his online banking application.

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