To allow CodaBox to retrieve your client's CODA for a KBC/CBC account, your client must perform an action in his/her bank application to create the link between CodaBox and the bank. Our KBC/CBC CODA activation and Mandate procedure for KBC/CBC articles describe the steps to be taken by your office and your client.


How can you check if this link has been created by your client?

Via the Dashboard: KBC/CBC mandates appear in the Dashboard if the link with the KBC/CBC banking app has not been created by your client within 7 days.

Go to MyCodaBox > Dashboard to check the detected problems. Under Detected issues > Click on the name of the concerned client to display the details of the bank account shown as 'not linked to CodaBox'

KBC/CBC accounts not linked to CodaBox

Tip: It is also possible to sort the Detected issues by type, displaying only the KBC/CBC links that have not been made

Show all KBC accounts not linked to CodaBox

After clicking on the client's name, you can view the detailed info on his/her CODA mandate. The procedure to follow to solve this issue is accessible by clicking on 'What can I do'. The details of the mandate are also available under MandatesWhat should I do if the KBC/CBC account is not linked to CodaBox?

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