The status of a bank account is available via MyCodaBox > MANDATES & SERVICES > CODA - Manage 

Overview of the possible states of a bank account: 

Pending signed mandateCodaBox has not yet received the signed mandate.
Pending signed mandate

+bank activation already completed

CodaBox is waiting for the signed CodaBox mandate.

This status is used when 

It concerns a KBC/CBC account - the client has already followed the procedure to activate CODA in his CBC/KBC Touch or Business Dashboard

or if it concerns

A client for whom CodaBox already receives CODA (request via the previous accountant).

Bank mandate stopped by client

This status is used when 

It concerns a KBC/CBC account: the client has cancelled the link in his CBC/KBC Touch or Business Dashboard.

Bank mandate stopped by bank

The concerned account has been cancelled by the bank.

Pending activation by clientThis status is used when 
It concerns a KBC/CBC account: everything is in place at the signature level, the client still needs to activate the CODA in his CBC/KBC Touch or Business Dashboard.
Pending activation by bank

The bank did not activate the account. The delay on the bank's side is bank-specific. Please note that activation takes 1-4 weeks for banks that work with paper mandates (in comparison to banks that work via Twikey).

If there is no movement on the concerned account, its status will remain unchanged even if the bank has already performed the activation

Bank activation completed +pending first CODA fileThe account is activated by the bank but there are no CODA files for this account yet.
CODA available+pending delivery

We receive CODA files for this account, but your delivery method is not yet defined. CodaBox will contact you to set up the delivery.

CODA is provided

You receive CODA for this account.
Bank activation completed+

no more banking transactions since 18 months

The account has been archived. CodaBox will no longer process the account. If the account was active, you will no longer receive CODA files.

ProblemThere is a problem with this account. Our administration department will contact you. For more details on this status, please see our article describing the possible causes.
No bank account state
view CODA mandate state
See our article Mandate status is 'Problem' in MyCodaBox

Bank account status in detail:

Account status in MyCodaBox

The Status of a bank account, available in MyCodaBox, shows you where this bank account is located in the integration process and what action(s) the Accountant or the client should take.

Having access to this report also allows the Fiduciary to understand why he is not getting Coda files for the account concerned.


A current account displayed in green is charged.

An account displayed in black is not charged.

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