Resending CODA is THE most frequent request to our Support.

Why ask for CODA resend via MyCodaBox?

  • CODA resend requests, received via e-mail by our Support are often incomplete and unclear: without the client's name, the bank account number and the periods, they cannot be processed on time.
  • Our Support team needs structured requests to handle.

Follow these steps

I request the resend of CODA via MyCodaBox

Which CODA can you request?

As soon as the mandate of your client is activated, you can request CODA from the past via MyCodaBox.

Please note that we can only deliver CODA that we have received from the bank

  • If it is a new client who has never activated  CODA before: we cannot deliver CODA files from the past.
  • If it is a client who has/had a CODA mandate via your office or via a previous accountant: we can deliver CODA retroactively from the date on which the mandate was activated (and with a maximum of 2 years back i the past).

Go To MyCodaBox > CLIENTS > Client List > Search your client > In the client's details, go to tab CODA > click on Redeliver CODA

For which period?

You can make a basic selection for all active bank accounts of a client:

  • For a certain period (between date X and date Y)
  • For CODA that goes back up to two years in the past

You can make a more advanced selection for specific active bank accounts:

  • For a certain period (between date X and date Y)
  • For certain CODA numbers
  • For CODA that goes back up to two years in the past

Once you have made your selection, click on Redeliver CODA.

 Our support service receives your request and the requested CODA will be delivered within 3 working days via your daily CODA delivery

This procedure is also available in a short free video 
On this page you can watch a short video tutorial  'Request the resend of missing CODA files'. Be sure to check out our other free video tutorials, which walk you step-by-step through MyCodaBox with concrete examples.