Resending CODA is THE most frequent request to our Support. 

► This option is now available via your myCodaBox online platform!

Why via MyCodaBox?

  • CODA resend requests, received via e-mail by our Support are often incomplete and unclear: without the client's name, the bank account number and the periods, they cannot be processed on time.
  • Our Support team needs structured requests to handle.

How does it work?

Once entered in MyCodaBox, your request is sent to our Support via our systems. 

We process it within a maximum of 3 working days and inform you as soon as the CODA has been resent. There is no need to follow up on your request as you can be sure that it is being processed.

What are the ordering options?

The 'Redeliver CODA' function allows a simple selection (by periods) of files but also an advanced selection (by dates and CODA numbers), so you can choose precisely which CODA should be sent back.

When do we deliver these CODA?

→ All CODA that meet your selection criteria will be resent to you via the daily CODA delivery.


The 'Redeliver CODA files' button can only be clicked for bank accounts that are active, i.e. for which the resending of CODA files can be requested.

► The detailed procedure for resending CODA files is available in our Related Articles