SODA = A standardized digital format, developed and registered by CodaBox.

With SODA, you directly receive the accounting documents from the different social secretariats and you can easily import them into your accounting software.

SODA benefits?

Thanks to the standardized 'SODA' format, the accounting entries, created by the social secretariats, can be sent directly to the accounting offices of the companies to be imported into their accounting program.

SODA delivery?

SODA are transferred directly (in XML format) and are made available to the Accounting Office electronically and securely via the CodaBox API or other secure electronic channels (same channel as for the delivery of CODA).

What are the conditions for ordering SODA files?

You are an Accoutant?

  • You are or you become a CodaBox client and you order the CODA Service
  • You check on our website if your client works with a Social Secretariat partner of CodaBox and if you work with a SODA compatible software
  • You order the SODA service for your client

Note: No SODA without CODA. The SODA product is not available separately. SODA can only be transferred for the professional clients of the Accountant, under the condition that CODABOX already delivers CODA on the basis of a mandate granted for this purpose. 

You are a Company?

SODA is currently only available to accountants, but if you are a client of an accountant who has subscribed to the CodaBox Services, you can obtain the direct delivery of SODA files with their agreement.

SODA pricing?

All the information on SODA prices is available in THIS article

Read the SODA Service’s General Terms and Conditions in your MyCodaBox through 
ACCOUNT < Contract & Services > SODA

Order SODA and check the status via MyCodaBox

  1. Go to and check if your Accounting Software is ready for SODA integration.
  2. In MyCodaBox - CLIENTS - Client List, search the Client for which you want to activate the SODA Service, and choose in the Action column for New SODA Mandate 
  3. In the next screen (SODA tab of the client details), select again New SODA Mandate.
  4. In the list of CodaBox partner Offices, select the Social Secretariat of your client and click on Save Mandate.
    ⇨ You can add several Social Secretariats using Add Social Welfare Office
    Once the Mandate is registered, CodaBox sends the Mandate to your client's Social Secretariat and requests the activation of SODA.
    Note: SODA can only be ordered on condition that the client has a signed CODA mandate, which includes permission for SODA.

Don't want to waste time looking for your client's social office? 

➟ Use the SODA 'Boost' Service from CodaBox!

The procedure for activating and archiving SODA is also available in a short free video 
On this page you can watch a short video tutorial  'How to activate and archive SODA from CodaBox'. Be sure to check out our other free video tutorials, which walk you step-by-step through MyCodaBox with concrete examples.

Check the status of my order
You can track the activation of the SODA mandate by connecting to MyCodaBox > CLIENT MANDATES & SERVICES > Soda

The different states and their meaning
Mandate StatusMeaning
Not signedThe SODA mandate has been ordered, but there is no signed CODA mandates yet for the client.
 SignedMandate is signed. CodaBox will soon request the SODA activation at the social secretariat.
Requested The SODA activation has been requested at the social secretariat.
DelayedThe activation is delayed – CodaBox sends a weekly reminder to the social secretariat.
ConfirmedThe activation has been confirmed by the social secretariat – waiting for the first SODA file.
ActiveThe SODA mandate is active, CodaBox receives SODA files for the client from the related social welfare office.
ArchivedArchived mandate.
ProblemEither CodaBox could not process your request due to missing information, or the mandate was refused by the social secretariat. If you have not received any communication about this, please contact


Why is the status of my order 'Archived'?
Your client is already affiliated with the Social secretariat?

If your client is not yet known by this organization but you sent them the order, they will inform us they cannot process your SODA order. 

Our system will then automatically archive your order and the status will change to 'Archived' in MyCodaBox.

Save time and avoid having to re-order SODA by checking before ordering whether your client is already affiliated with the Social Secretariat.  

SODA not available in Yuki
Info and solution in this article

Annual summaries included in SODA deliveries?
SODA files are delivered on a monthly basis. Annual summaries are not included in SODA deliveries, otherwise the same data would be entered twice in the accounting. 

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