What is SODA?

SODA is a standard file format, generated by CodaBox based on the information received from the social secretariats with which CodaBox has concluded a collaboration contract. 

What does a SODA file contain?

The basis accounting data to book salary entries.

Delivery method?

SODAs are directly transferred (in XML format) and are made available to the Accounting Office electronically and securely via the CodaBox API or other secure electronic channels (same channel as for the delivery of CODAs).


Thanks to the standardized "SODA" format, the accounting entries created by the social secretariats can be sent directly to the accounting offices of the companies to be imported into their accounting program.

Good to know:

SODA files are delivered on a monthly basis: annual summaries are not included in SODA deliveries (otherwise the same data would be entered twice in the accounting).

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