Get your CODAs in Exact Online

In order to receive your CODA files directly into your Exact Online software, follow the below instructions (2 steps) for your settings in Exact Online. In addition, check that you've communicated the correct address of your EOL postbox to CodaBox.

Are you an accounting officeThen click here for instructions to ensure that the available CODA files for your companies are sent to your Exact Online postbox. 

Follow these 2 steps in your Exact Online software:

Step 1: set up your digital postbox in Exact Online
  1. Via your user name at the top right in Exact Online, click on My Exact Online.
  2. In the left menu, click on My account data.
    Exact Online - My account data
  3. Scroll to My digital postboxes, at the bottom of the page.
    Exact Online - My digital postboxes! Usually, one digital postbox has already been created. Most likely, this address is not yet linked to your company in EOL.
    (Is there no digital postbox yet? Click Add on the right side.)
  4. Click on the existing email address.
  5. Check whether this postbox is linked to the right 'Company' (the Exact Online subscription for which you want to use the digital postbox):
    Is this already indicated? Check the address and correct if needed.
    Is this not yet indicated? Click the magnifying glass...Exact Online - Companyand select the right company.Exact Online - Select company
  6. Click Save at the top left.

When you signed your CodaBox contract, you were asked to indicate your EOL address.
Have you now changed your EOL address or added a new one?
If so, please let us know your new EOL address at

➟ The address you've configured here for the EOL postbox must also be linked, in Exact Online, to each bank account for which you wish to receive CODA. You'll do this in Step 2 below.

Do you need more information about Step 1? Go to the Exact Online help page Digital postbox | Set up a digital postbox. There is also an instruction video to help you.

Step 2: link your digital postbox to the bank account(s) in Exact Online
When you've set up your digital postbox in Exact Online, you need to link it in Exact Online to the bank account(s), in order to enable automatic import of bank statements.
Do this for each of the relevant bank accounts.
  1. At the top left in Exact Online, click on the name of the file.
    Exact Online - name of file
  2. Click on Master data.
    Exact Online - master data
  3. Click on Journals.
    Exact Online - journals
  4. Click on the bank account for which you wish to receive CODA.
    Exact Online - bank accounts
  5. If no postbox has been linked to the account, click on Subscribe: Digital postbox.
    Exact Online - subscribe digital postbox If there is already a digital postbox linked to the account, click on Available: Digital postbox next to Automatic bank link and check whether the right postbox is linked (= the address you set up in Step 1 above).
    Exact Online - digital postbox available
  6. Select the right postbox (= the address you set up in Step 1 above) and check the checkbox.
    Exact Online - select digital postbox
  7. Click Save.

Do you need more information about Step 2? 
Go to the Exact Online help page Create bank links through Codabox.

Once you've completed these 2 steps, the available CODA files
will automatically be sent to your Exact Online postbox.

Are you still not receiving any CODA files? Perhaps the email address you registered in Exact Online is different from the one you gave us when you signed your contract? If this is the case, send an email to and indicate your new EOL address.


Exact Online and sub-accounts
  • What is a sub-account?
    A sub-account is a bank account with the same IBAN as the main account to which it is linked.
    For example, it is possible to open a main account in EUR, and then open sub-accounts in a different currency (USD, GBP, etc.).
    Another example of a sub-account is the specific ING account, which allows wealth management separately from the management of daily transactions.
  • Processing by Exact Online?
    You notice that all transactions on the sub-account are recorded on its main account? This sub-account has the same account number as the main account, followed by the sub-account number.
    ➜ Please contact Exact Online: The sub-account number is not taken into account by Exact Online, the environment does not detect that it is a sub-account of a main account. You can contact Exact Online to have this sub-account treated separately.
  • Stop receiving CODA for a sub-account?
    Do you want to stop receiving CODAs for a sub-account linked to one of your active mandates?
    Please contact Exact Online: CodaBox cannot stop the delivery of CODA for sub-accounts but you can have this sub-account be processed separately in Exact Online.

No CODA file in Exact online

The main reason why a CodaBox client does not receive CODA files in Exact Online is that he/she has not set up EOL correctly.

There are three possible causes:

  • Incorrect Exact Online postbox
    The postbox must be configured in EOL (see the above instructions, step 1) to receive your CODA files directly in your accounting software.
  • The bank link with CodaBox has not been created in Exact Online
    Once you've set up your digital postbox in EOL, you need to link your digital postbox in Exact Online to the bank account(s) for which you wish to receive CODA (see the above instructions, step 2).
  • Financial year not created
    In Exact Online, at the start of a new financial year, you must set up a new financial year in Exact Online on the first day of the new financial year. Otherwise, the CODA files sent by CodaBox will not be displayed in Exact Online. Once the new financial year has been created, please close Exact Online and restart. All previously supplied CODAs will be visible.