The CODA/SODA files you receive daily can also be sent to your client by e-mail in PDF format

  1. Check if the option is enabled by connecting to your MyCodabox platform.
    In the "ACCOUNT " menu, under "Settings", the option "Clients receive PDF of CODA and SODA" must be checked:
    mycodabox settings
  2. Once this option is enabled for your account, in the "CLIENTS/Client List" menu, select the customer for whom the PDF reception option should be enabled:
    activate pdf reception in mycodabox

  3. In 'Client Information' click 'Edit'client information in mycodabox
  4. Check 'This client receives PDF of CODA and SODA by email' and click Save Changes
    enable reception of pdf's for coda and soda in mycodabox

The client will now receive a PDF of CODA and/or SODA at the email address you have provided in his Client Information See also our related articles