Does your client wish to receive a copy of the available CODA/SODA files? This is possible in PDF format, via email.

☆ This option can be selected individually for each client ☆  

  1. In MyCodaBox, find your client via Mandates & Services OR via Clients > Client List.
  2. Click the tab CODA.
    MyCodaBox: the tab CODA
  3. Go to Settings at the bottom of the page, and click Edit.
    Setting to send PDF to client
  4. Select 'This client receives PDF of CODA and SODA by email' and click Save Changes.
    Select the option in MyCodaBox to send PDF of CODA and SODA to the client

    From now on, this client will receive a PDF copy of the available CODA / SODA
    at the email address that you indicated in the Client info (on the tab Client).
    Check that the address is registered correctly.

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