Easily create a company via MyCodaBox

Add a new company via MyCodaBox > Companies > + Add or transfer

Add a company in MyCodaBox

In the screen that appears, enter the required information about the company and click Save company.

Please consider the following guidelines:

  • Company code: This is a unique value that will be linked to the company (useful in case of 2 companies with the same company name but with a different company registration number or VAT number) and is used as the folder name in the CODA tree structure where the CODA files will be saved.
  • Company e-mail address: Use the address of the company (your client). Do NOT enter your office e-mail address, unless this is your own enterprise.
  • Exact Online Digital Mailbox: Fill in the address of your Exact Online 'digital postbox' (this field is only visible if your environment is created for the Exact online software).

This procedure is also available in a short video
On this page you can watch a short video tutorial 'How to add a new client' (note: the wordings on the screens have since changed). 
Be sure to check out our other video tutorials, which walk you step-by-step through MyCodaBox with concrete examples.


The Enterprise number (company registration number) field is a mandatory field.

MyCodaBox shows a clear warning message in the list view, as well in the company details page, if the enterprise number is missing. The Entreprise number is required:

  • When adding a company
  • When changing data, ordering new Services or requesting a environment Transfer for an existing company.


When adding a new company, our system checks whether the Company code and Enterprise number you enter in the form already exist in our system.

  • The Enterprise number must be unique in our system.
  • The Company code must be unique in your environment (one environment per accounting software).

If the system detects that this data already exists, an information or error message is displayed when you click on Save company:

'The company already exists in our system'
The system detects that there is already an existing company with these details at Codabox: in a pop-up, MyCodaBox automatically proposes a transfer (Transfer an existing company to your office).
→ Order the required Services in the displayed form:
  • Bank accounts for CODA
  • SODA

'Data already exists'
This message appears below the Enterprise number: this company is already known in one of your environments.
→ Go to the environment (via the top left corner) where this company already exists. Do you want to transfer an existing company from one of your environments to the other? Read this.

'Company code already in use'
This message appears below the Company code: this company code is already used for one of your companies.
→ Choose a different Company code

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