Go to MyCodaBox and easily create a new customer via the menu CLIENTS - New Client.

Enter the required information about your customer in the next screen and click Save Client.

Here is the detail of the fields to be completed:

Client Code*

This is a unique value that will be linked to your client (if you have 2 clients with the same company name but with a different company number or VAT number).

Remark: The Client Code is used as the folder name in the CODA tree structure 

Entreprise Name *Your client's entreprise name
Adress - ZIP Code - City *The enterprise's postal address
Enterprise Number *The enterprise's enterprise number. (enterprise number mandatory)
If the company also has a VAT number, tick 'Has a Belgian VAT number'.
Client Email *Your client's e-mail address. Please do not enter your office email address unless it is for your own account.
Language *Select in the list
Representative Name *The person who is the authorised representative on the accounts and who will sign the mandates
Function *The function of the person who will sign the mandates
Exact Online Digital MailboxFill in the Exact Online "digital address" (field only visible if your platform is created for the Exact online software)

This client receives PDF of CODA and SODA by email 

If activated, the customer will receive the CODA / SODA file in PDF format by e-mail. For more information : Settings for receiving PDF files

Bank Accounts *You can add all the accounts of all your client's banks at once.
The system will immediately check the bank, if the account number is correct and if it is a Savings Account.
Social Welfare OfficesIf you also want SODA for this customer, you can order SODA immediately by adding a secretariat.
Purchase InvoicesYou can order the Purchase Invoice Service immediately and possibly provide another e-mail address of your customer on which the customer wishes to receive his purchase invoices.

Mandatory fields

Once the Client has been created in your platform, you can find him under CLIENTS MANDATES & SERVICES - CODA - Client name.

If the Client is present at your office, you can download the mandate or invite him to sign electronically via MyCodaBox. For the electronic signature, you can follow the Electronic signature of mandate with EID procedure.

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