Search and Select your customer in the CLIENTS - Client List menu.

In the details screen of your customer, under the tab Coda, you can add a bank account by clicking New Coda



In the next screen, enter the bank account(s) you want to add

  • You can add New Bank Accounts
  • Select Existing Orderable Bank Accounts: this list contains the archived bank accounts that can be ordered for this customer 

This screen also contains the list Non-orderable bank accounts: accounts that have already been requested, which are therefore being processed for this customer and can no longer be ordered.

Once you have made your selection or added , click on Save Mandate.

The registered bank accounts can have different states, these are described in our article Bank accounts, what do the different states mean?

Please take note that we can't accept CODA requests for natural persons.

See also our article Possible situations when adding a bank account.