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Specific information

Argenta: CODA numbering
Good to know:

Argenta provides a new CODA number every day. CODA files are not created on days with no transactions. However, the numbering continues day by day following the calendar, so it may "jump" from one day to the other in the report if there were no transactions. Therefore, at the end of the year you will receive CODA number 365.

If you have problems processing your files for this reason, we recommend you to contact the support service of your software package. They can possibly adjust certain parameters to ensure your booking is successful. Do you have any additional questions? Please contact helpdesk@codabox.com

Axa: Frequency of CODA delivery
Good to know:

AXA delivers the CODA files according to the frequency defined in the client's bank file. If the client receives their paper statements once a month, they will also receive CODA once a month.

If a mandate has been confirmed by AXA, but we are not yet providing CODA, the periodicity is probably set to monthly. Please refer the client to their banking agency, where they can have the periodicity adjusted.

Belfius: CODA costs / CODA numbering
CODA costs:
Since May 2021, Belfius Bank charges a monthly fee for the creation of CODA files containing all details of transactions on a payment account. The new pricing is part of the global Belfius offer and its additional services.

If you want to stop the CODA created on the account after registering a CodaBox mandate, and stop the additional monthly fees charged by Belfius, follow the Belfius CODA costs / Stop CODA procedure.

CODA numbering:
Numbering CODA starts at 1. There is no link between paper numbers and CODA numbers.
The first generated CODA file therefore has number 1.
Do you have any additional questions? Please contact Belfius Support.

Beobank: CODA delivery for EUR only

Good to know: 

Beobank can’t deliver CODA for other currencies. Only for EUR.

BNP Paribas Fortis: CODA Gross amount ≠ Net amount / CODA costs
Gross amount ≠ Net amount:

When consulting a CODA statement of a BNP Paribas Fortis account, you notice that the net amount shown in the statement does not correspond to the gross amount minus the fees (commission).

Why this difference?

➞ The VAT applied to the fees is not mentioned by BNP Paribas Fortis in their CODA files

Example of a BNP Paribas Fortis transaction:

Transaction: net amount = 376,23€

Detail: gross amount = 377€

Detail: fees = 0,64€


Net amount = 376,23€ +  0,64€ 376,87€ Gross amount
Fees = 0,64 € + VAT 21% = 0,77 €
Net amount = 376,23€ +  0,77€ 377€ Gross amount 

CODA costs:

BNP Paribas Fortis charges a monthly fee for the creation of Coda files (if not included in the client's banking package), regardless of the channel via which CODA is delivered.

If you want to stop the CODA created on the account after registering a CodaBox mandate, and stop the additional monthly fees charged by BNP Paribas Fortis, follow the BNP Paribas Fortis costs / Stop CODA procedure.

Crelan: 000 numbering of CODA / Repetitive CODA numbering
CODAs of Crelan bank accounts can have the numbering 000:
  • If no paper or electronic account statements are generated for the bank account concerned (from the branch to the end client). 
  • If the bank account holder does not have a myCrelan subscription.

In this case, and according to banking standards, the bank is allowed to include "000" as a numbering in the CODA files.

To solve this issue, the end client is invited to visit his bank branch to request the creation of his myCrelan subscription and the activation of the account statements which will then be sent daily in an electronic version to his online subscription.

Repetitive CODA numbering:

You receive CODAs from Crelan bank with a repetitive numbering and you cannot import them into your accounting software? See this article on the Crelan website: NL or FR.

KBC/CBC: Mandate procedure and CODA activation
To allow CodaBox to retrieve your client's CODA for a KBC/CBC account, your client must perform an action in their bank application to create the link between CodaBox and the bank.
The different steps:

vdk bank: OFP-subscription needed for delivery of CODA

Good to know: 

To activate CODA, your client must have an OFP (online@vdk for Professionals) subscription with vdk bank. This is offered by vdk bank for entrepreneurs and businesses to perform online banking transactions.

Ask your client to contact their vdk branch or contact center, for a free OFP subscription. Once the bank has linked the vdk bank card to the OFP subscription, you can order CODA for the account through MyCodaBox. 

Viva Wallet: only works with Greek IBAN

Good to know: 

To activate CODA for a Viva customer, the account holder must first request a Greek IBAN identifier in his/her Viva account. With that IBAN, you can order a new CODA mandate in MyCodaBox.

Viva no longer issues CODA for Belgian IBAN.

Types of accounts not compatible with CODA / Rejected by the bank

Some account types do not allow the delivery of CODA files, either because it is a rule set by the bank or by CodaBox. 

Which rules?

Rule set by No CODA delivery forNote
  • Third party accounts 
  • ING Lion accounts
  • KBC investment accounts
May differ from bank to bank.

CodaBox always accepts a mandate linked to an account for a Belgian company number because we do not know the type of account for which CODA is ordered.

The mandate is sent to the bank who decides what to do with this request, according to the rules they have established.

  • Private accounts of natural persons
  • Foreign IBAN
Restriction only if the account is not linked to a Belgian company number.

No CODA delivery for foreign IBANs.

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