Which documents does my client need to sign? 

CodaBox needs 2 documents completed and signed by your client, to be authorised to provide the CODA service:

  • The Bank Mandate: the Company agrees that CodaBox can collect the account statements in digital format (CODA) from the bank.
  • The Teletransmission Mandate: the Company agrees that CodaBox can deliver the account statements in digital format (CODA) to the accountant.

Documents (paper version) signed? ➞ helpdesk@codabox.com

Are your mandates managed by CodaBox?

CodaBox sends an e-mail to your client to collect the signed documents.

The content of the e-mail depends on the bank and differs when the client already has an active mandate or not:

Bank Mandate already activeBank Mandate NOT active
All banksArgenta Belfius, Crelan, BNP Paribas Fortis, Bank Van BredaKBC/CBCAll banks except Argenta, Belfius, KBC, CBC
Only the Teletransmission MandateDigital signature link (CodaBox-sign)Twikey linkProcedure to be followed by the client in the KBC/CBC banking application +
Teletransmission Mandate in PDF format
Bank Mandate + Teletransmission Mandate in PDF format

Notify your client in advance:
At the bottom of this article you will find an e-mail template (in FR / NL) you can use to let your client know that the bank account holder needs to sign the mandates and will receive an email from CodaBox to do so. 

Your client did not react to our e-mail after 14 days? 

Our system adapts the status of the mandate in MyCodaBox. This generates a reminder e-mail (max 3 reminders):

  • Status: Awaiting signature + Sent to the email address = The client has received his CODA mandate but has not yet  signed it.
  • Status: Bank procedure +Your client needs to link each bank account in his online banking app = This is a KBC/CBC client who has signed the teletransmission mandate but who still needs to do the activation in the banking application.

Follow-up of reminder e-mails via MyCodaBox

The CODA tab of your MyCodaBox environment displays detailed information about the reminder e-mails sent to your client:

  • The number of reminders sent
  • The date the reminder was sent
  • The e-mail address to which the reminder was sentFollow-up on CodaBox reminder e-mails

CodaBox DOESN'T know your client's e-mail address?

If your client's e-mail address is not known to CodaBox, the mandate will remain in 'In Preparation' status.


  • Go to MyCodaBox and look for the mandates in status 'In Preparation' via the list of CODA mandates. 
  • Check the mandates that have a 'State date' older than 2 days.
  • Open the client by clicking on the client code and enter the e-mail address of your client:

Follow-up of mandates in MyCodaBox

Delivering the mandates to your client yourself? YES, VIA MYCODABOX!

Depending on the bank, you can:

  • Download (in PDF format) the teletransmission mandate or the full mandate and send it to your client for signature.
  • Send a digital (CodaBox-sign) or Twikey link to your client for signing the documents digitally.
Note: The digital and Twikey options are only available if the status of the mandate in MyCodaBox is 'In Preparation', 'Awaiting signature' or 'Available Online'.

Mandate signature methods?

Bank mandate + Teletransmission mandate

BankSignature methodEnvironmentVia
ArgentaDigitalCodaBox-signeID or itsMe
BelfiusDigitalTwikeyIstMe or bank card
BNP Paribas FortisDigitalTwikeyeID or itsMe
PaperPDFManual signature
Crelan, Banque Van BredaDigitalTwikeyEid, itsMe or bank card
PaperPDFManual signature
KBC/CBCBanking app + PaperBanking app + PDF

Teletransmission mandate :

Manual signature or via own digital signature environment (e.g. Connective, DocuSign)

Bank mandate: the client must follow the KBC/CBC procedure and activate CODA via the banking app
All other partner banksPaperPDFManual signature

Teletransmission mandate (if bank mandate already active*)

BankSignature methodEnvironmentVia
All partner banksPaperPDF

Manual signature or via own digital signature environment (e.g. Connective, DocuSign)

* Active bank mandate :

Paper version of mandates: What is a correctly signed CODA mandate?

We regularly receive CODA mandates that are not correctly signed.

In order to avoid wasting time and delaying the sending of CODA to your Accounting Office, do not hesitate to inform your client about the rules to follow for completing the CODA mandate.


  • No changes can be made to the document: no information can be added, modified or deleted.

  • Each document must be signed (bank mandate, teletransmission mandate).
  • Only a handwritten signature is allowed, a digital signature is not allowed on a paper document (except for KBC/CBC).

  • The filled in and signed document must be returned to CodaBox in PDF format (not as an image or photo) and via e-mail only (not via Dropbox or WeTransfer).

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