To sign digitally via CodaBox-sign or Twikey, in MyCodaBox, the mandate must have a status 'In Preparation', 'Awaiting signature' or 'Available Online' 

Which banks?

CodaBox-sign : Argenta, Beobank, CPH, Europabank, ING, Triodos Bank, vdk bank, Viva Wallet

Twikey : Bank van Breda, Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis and Crelan

Signature methods?

Depending on the bank 

➞ More info about signature methods in this article

Steps for digital signature


Depending on the choice you made during your Accounting Firm Registration process, we may or may not take care of contacting your client for signing the mandates.

CodaBox manages the mandates of your Accounting office?

We invite your client by email to sign mandates electronically. The invitation is sent automatically from our database.

Note: We must have the client's email address.

You provide the mandate management yourself?The status of the mandate in MyCodaBox is 'Available Online'. We will not contact your client. You will have to deliver the invitation to digitally sign the mandates to the client yourself.

Your Office

Get the CodaBox-sign or Twikey link this way:

MyCodaBox > Mandates & Services > CODA

Search for the company you want to get the link for, click on Manage and select one of the following 2 options for the mandate to be signed by your client:


Is your client at your Office?  

Use the 'Start signing now' button: It opens a CodaBox-sign or Twikey window (depending on the bank). 

You want to send the link to your client via e-mail? 

Use the 'Copy signing link' button: The digital signature link is copied to your clipboard, you just have to paste it in an e-mail to invite your client to sign.

Is the mandate 6 months or older? Possibly the link has expired. Use the button 'Renew signing link'. Then you can copy the new signing link or start signing now.
Is signing digitally not working? Contact
Your clientSigns the document via CodaBox-sign or Twikey (in case of issues, see the troubleshooting below)
CodaBoxChanges the status of the mandate to 'Bank procedure' in MyCodaBox
The bankAccepts the mandate within a few days and activates the sending of the CODA files
CodaBoxReceives the first CODA file and changes the status of the mandate to 'Active' in MyCodaBox

Troubleshooting for signatories

Is your client experiencing difficulty signing mandates digitally? Perhaps the information below can help. If applicable, you can share the relevant section of this page with your client.

Is this information not helping or are there other problems preventing digital signing? Contact

Difficulties using CodaBox-sign? Use Google Chrome
Is signing via CodaBox-sign not working? Open the link using the Google Chrome browser and try again.
Still having problems? Contact

Before you get started: test out your eID!  

If you choose the eID signature option via CodaBox-sign or Twikey, it's best to test out your eID first to avoid unexpected problems.

You can perform the test by installing the government eID software that matches your Operating System (Windows/Mac/Linux).

The procedure is available HERE, and the download link here.

Twikey: Digitally sign your mandates with your eID - how does it work?

    To sign a mandate with your electronic identity card, you need to install the Twikey plug-in.    

    This will be prompted in the signing process (when you open the Twikey link from your email).

    Follow the steps below to install this plug-in:


Select which version of the plug-in to install to sign the mandate. 

This depends on the device you are working with.

A pop-up appears on your screen to download the file. Click Keep to start the download.

The 'Trust1Connector' file will now begin downloading. When the download is complete, open the downloaded file.

Accept the terms in the license agreement and click install and complete the download:

Click Consent to sign the agreement.

A screen appears where you can enter your eID PIN.

The mandate was successfully signed!

    The process failed after following the procedure and installing the necessary plug-ins?

    Then consult the Support document for signers with eID: most common problems.

Twikey: Multiple signatures?

Are there multiple people who need to sign the mandate? This can be done via Twikey as follows: 

  • You start the signing process first in Twikey using the link you received by email.
  • In the second step, at the bottom of the page, tick the checkbox indicating that someone else has to co-sign.
  • You complete your own signing by following the procedure in full.
  • Afterwards, you will receive an email confirming your signature (New Document Notification).
    This email also contains the link you need to deliver yourself to the 2nd person to sign.

Once both individuals have completed the signing process, the signed mandate will automatically be sent to the bank for validation.

Does Twikey's website indicate that the link is invalid?
Possibly the mandate is 6 months or older and the link has expired. 
➟ In MyCodaBox, go to Mandates & Services > CODA. Click Manage to view the mandate in question. Click the button  Renew signing link. You can then copy the new signing link and send it to your client, or start signing now.
Renew signing link for mandate older than 6 months
This doesn't work? Contact One of our employees will be happy to help you.

You have read our troubleshooting section but still have questions about the digital signature?

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