CARO information toolkit

Before you invite your clients, it is important to understand and go through the following information:

We prepared 2 e-mail templates you can use to inform the concerned parties :

You can find the templates in the respective Word files below. Please feel free to use and adapt them to your needs.

  1. 'I inform my client'
    With this template you can inform and invite your clients to activate the CARO service.
  2. ‘I inform the cardholder’
    If you received the cardholders' contact details from your contact person, we advise you to send them this template. With this e-mail, credit card holders are informed to expect an activation e-mail upon which they have to take action. This way they are also reassured that it does not concern a phishing attempt. Informing the cardholders about the progress of the activation will have a positive effect on the activations.

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