The accountant can order the CARO Service for his client in only 2 steps:

  1. Go to your MyCodaBox, MANDATES & SERVICES CLIENT - CARO, select the concerned client, click on Manage in the Action column and New CARO order in the next screen

  2. In the New CARO Order screen, enter the Client Reference*, the cardholder’s e-mail address, and his mobile phone numberOnce the form has been completed, click on New CARO order.

The information entered in the form above is checked by a data entry check. An error message is displayed if the information is not correct. The * indicates mandatory fields and by moving the cursor over the ? you can access more information.

Confirmation of the CARO Service order :

CARO's order is confirmed by a message: 'The invitation* was successfully sent' and the activation status is now 'Invitation Sent'. 

* For security reasons, the activation link in the invitation email is only valid for 14 days!

The accountant can follow-up on whether or not the client went through the process by tracking the states:

Note: In CLIENT MANDATES & SERVICES - CARO you will find a list of all clients who are eligible for this Service, i.e. clients who already have an active CODA Service. If the message 'Bank currently not supported for credit card statements' is displayed, please refer to Registration for CARO Service does not go as planned

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