Your Office:

  • Has chosen the activation of the VOILA Service via Boost 
  • Obtained your clients' agreement to receive their purchase invoices via the VOILA Service
    We advise you to use the template e-mail at the bottom of this article, to inform your clients about the advantages of the Service
  • Has signed the Boost contract with CodaBox
    Without a signed Boost contract you will not be able to use this Service
    ⇨ Your Office can now use this option via MyCodaBox in the new Voila 2.0 version!

Activate the Boost for your customers in MyCodaBox
  1.  Go to MyCodaBox > Menu VOILA
  2. Click on ‘Boost activate VOILA for my Clients'

  3. In the next screen, you will see all clients with an active CODA mandate that can be selected. In the example below, it concerns 262 clients in total, but you can of course deselect some:

  4. After selecting the clients you want to register > Click on Boost activate these (amount) clients
  5. E-mail verification and registration confirmation:  
    • Your client receives a request to verify his/her e-mail address, if the verification has not yet been done
    • Once his/her e-mail address has been verified, your client will receive a confirmation of his/her registration for the VOILA service