Currently Codabox registers your client on Peppol and Zoomit. Depending on market evolutions, CodaBox will activate other channels.

Wat is PEPPOL?
  • You want to exchange invoices electronically with all your partners regardless of whether you are a government or a company.This means exchanging and processing e-invoices in a structured form.

    With this project, we aim at the standardised exchange (receiving and sending) of e-invoices between companies and governments (B2G) and companies among themselves (B2B).

    Peppol is an international network with an agreement framework, a standard format and applications to facilitate e-procurement and e-invoicing.

  • Regarding electronic invoicing, this means always working with so-called 'Certified Access Points' '(CAP) that take care of sending and receiving invoices for companies and governments.

    A central application registers which 'Certified Access Point' a company or government is connected to.

    The exchange between these CAPs is free of charge. CodaBox is a Certified Access Point.

Wat is Zoomit?
  • Zoomit is a free service in Internet and Mobile Banking that offers you a quick and easy way to manage your documents like bills, credit notes and payslips. 
  • You decide when you pay and lose less time with finance. 
  • You get rid of paperwork and do your bit for the environment. (see Zoomit website)

Wat is een Access Point?
A Peppol Access Point connects organisations to the Peppol network. This allows you to securely exchange electronic documents, such as e-invoices, with anyone connected to this network. 
You need a Peppol Access Point to connect to the Peppol network. Such a connection is provided by a Document Service Provider (DSP). Through any of the Dsps listed on The DigiCrowd Network, connection via the Peppol network is possible. It is best to inquire with them directly, should you want more info on how this can be set up and what the pricing is on this.

  1. CodaBox registers your client on Peppol and Zoomit.
  2. Suppliers send their invoices to your client via Peppol and Zoomit.
  3. CodaBox connects to Peppol and Zoomit to retrieve the invoices from your client.
  4. CodaBox sends the invoice to your client via e-mail and to your office.

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