Currently Codabox registers your customer on Peppol and Zoomit. Depending on market evolutions CodaBox will activate other channels.

What is Peppol?

  • European network to share electronic documents between companies and/or government.
  • To be able to connect to Peppol you should use a certified Access Point, like CodaBox. (more details see
  • CodaBox connects to Peppol to retrieve the invoices delivered to ¬†customers who use the Service VOILA.

What is Zoomit?

  • Zoomit is a free service in Internet and Mobile Banking that offers you a quick and easy way to manage your documents like bills, credit notes and payslips.¬†
  • You decide when you pay and lose less time with finance.¬†
  • You get rid of paperwork and do your bit for the environment. (see Zoomit website)