Archive or stop a Service?

CodaBox stops sending the files associated with this Service.

How to Archive/Stop a Service?

In MyCodaBox > MANDATES & SERVICES > Select the Service to be deactivated from the list
Read our article: How to archive a CODA mandate
SODASearch for your client > In the 'Actions' column click 'Archive'
VOILASearch for your client > In the 'Actions' column click 'Manage' > in the VOILA tab, click 'Cancel VOILA'
and 'Confirm'
CAROSearch for your client > In the 'Actions' column click 'Manage' > In the 'Actions' column click 'Cancel CARO'

Archiving a client?

If you want to archive the client, follow our procedure Archiving a client

➟ All his/her activated Services will be stopped immediately.

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