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Archive a specific account that is part of a mandate with several accounts

Go to your MyCodaBox platform. Select the client concerned in CLIENTS > Client List > and open the CODA tab.

In the CODA mandate, select the account that should be archived by clicking on the three dots next to the bank account.

The action is only available when:

  • The mandate status is: Signed/Bank procedure/Active
  • The mandate still contains several not archived accounts
Click on '...' next to bank account, click 'Archive' and confirm your choice in the pop-up. Archiving takes effect immediately

If the account to be archived is a BNP Paribas Fortis or Belfius accountafter clicking on 'Archive', the pop-up below appears:

  • Select 'Yes' to stop CODA billing from the bank to your client
  • Check 'I understand the consequences of this action'
  • Click on 'Archive'

Important: By selecting this option, the CODA billing from the bank to the company will be stoppedNotes: 

  • If the end client still receives CODA via other channels, the cost will continue to be charged.
  • It is not possible to archive a sub-account (such as a USD, GBP or specific ING account). Then only archiving the complete IBAN bank account is possible.

This procedure is also available in a short free video 
On this page you can watch a short video tutorial  'How delete (archive) a bank account?'. Be sure to check out our other free video tutorials, which walk you step-by-step through MyCodaBox with concrete examples.

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