CodaBox invoices are sent in PDF format by e-mail or by another electronic channel of your choice.

The sender of your invoice can be:

  • CodaBox if you work with us directly
  • A CodaBox reseller

The invoice from CodaBox contains an overview of the CodaBox services used:

Which services can be listed on your invoice?

CODA- Current account (technical costs)
- Activation of mandate previous months (administrative costs)

- Savings account for info (free)


- SODA Service (recurrent costs)

- Activation of mandate previous months (administrative costs )

VOILA- VOILA Service (recurrent costs active mandate)

- Administrative costs previous month

- Recurrent costs

Who is the sender of these invoices?

➪ It is possible that you will receive an invoice from CodaBox and from a partner, this happens when you use more then 1 accounting software.

Where can I consult the details of my invoice?

Details of your invoice are available in the corresponding user report. An invoice you receive in month X will always be linked to the reports for month X -1Be informed that your reseller may issue your invoice later in the month.

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