Receiving CodaBox files?

The way CodaBox files are delivered depends, above all, on the type of accounting software you use.

There is a large variety of software which offer the possibility, each in its own way, to access and import CODA/SODA/Invoices files.

CodaBox files can be imported in 2 different ways:

  • On your server Via an FTP delivery method. The result is a tree structure compatible with the accounting program.
  • Via your Accounting Software
  • Via the delivery method of the accounting software (some software have their own delivery method).

Method 1: Accounting software - Import via your server/CodaBox SyncTool Secure FTP delivery
Get your CODAs physically on your server via secure FTP delivery with our SyncTool that allows you to retrieve CODA files from Codabox and save them locally.

How does it work?

We provide you with the necessary information to install and configure the CodaBox SyncTool.

All the info in this article

 Delivery of the files in a format compatible with your accounting software:

Non-exhaustive list of software
Briljant AccountBriljant AccountEVA-onlineExact GlobeExpert/M Plus

Method 2: Accounting software with direct import but NOT via API
SoftwareConnection type
Exact Online Uses a digital mailbox xxx@xxx.xx to receive CODA files. You can register this mailbox via MyCodaBox or communicate it to CodaBox via a datafile (in case you are a company).
WingsThe FTP is provided by Wings who takes care of the connection between CodaBox and Wings.
Yuki Uses the FTP connection at CodaBox with a username and password. The CodaBox connection tool is not used.

Method 3: Via API
API V2CodaBox Connect API
Uses an API connection via a token to connect to CodaBox and upload files.
Token sent manually by CodaBox
Uses an API connection to connect to CodaBox and upload files. The software has a built-in functionality to connect to CodaBox
Winbooks On Web



Yuki *
Horus * - see API V2 see CodaBox Connect

* Currently only for CARO files

Configuration of the delivery mode

CodaBox contacts your office to help you during the configuration of your delivery mode, for each of your software (except EOL). 

CodaBox always sends you an e-mail with one of the following options:

  • FTP : An e-mail to make your choice
  • API : The API token
  • Yuki : The FTP connection info

 Contact your supplier to find out if your sotware can process CODA/SODA files and invoices from CodaBox.
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