This procedure concerns you if it is the VOILA 2.0 version which is integrated into your MyCodaBox platform.

Easily check your version of VOILA by consulting this article.

In MyCodabox, the Accounting Office has the following possibilities to order VOILA for its clients:

  • Via Invitation: After inviting the client via MyCodabox, the client will receive an e-mail from us inviting him to accept the Service.
  • Via Boost activation: Thanks to the Boost Activation, CodaBox does not need your customer's confirmation!
    This option is available in MyCodaBox if you sign a Boost contract. More information in the article Order VOILA via Boost activation.

Order VOILA via MyCodaBox by 'Invitation'

  2. Select the concerned client, in the Client Information window, click the VOILA tab and then Order VOILA
  3. In the next screen :
    order voila 2.0 via invitation in mycodabox
  4. Please indicate the e-mail address to be used for the delivery of the purchase invoices of this client: 
    • Use contact e-mail addressThe e-mail address you entered in Client Information
    • Use a dedicated VOILA e-mail addressYou can choose to add an additional e-mail address, that will only be used for sending purchase invoices to your client
  5. Check and add any bank account details to be used for Zoomit registration 

    Zoomit Bank accounts 
    • No existing CODA mandate for this client? Add the account(s) to be used for his/her registration in Zoomit
    • Existing CODA mandate for this client? Check the account(s) displayed and, if necessary, add one or more accounts to be used for Zoomit registration, or remove from the list those that should not be used for Zoomit
  6. Then click Order
  7. The order status in the VOILA screens is now 'Invited' the info about VOILA activation via Boost is available HERE

The following steps are described HERE

Important: You can order VOILA or add IBANs for the Zoomit registration, without having to order CODA for this client.