MyCodaBox is an online portal that is created and configured by CodaBox, during the process of registering your company/companies in our system.

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Save time and increase convenience: the CodaBox services (for SMEs)

Thanks to CodaBox you can receive your encoded bank statements (CODA) that you need for your accounting on a safe and daily basis. Accurate, always sorted and on time. 

Via MyCodaBox you can apply for this service for your company/companies and account(s)! 

Manage your companies?

When you log on to MyCodaBox, you can manage your companies, as well as the mandates and the services you have activated for your companies.

Do you work with multiple software packages?

MyCodaBox is Multi-environment. A single account is all you need to access multiple environments (the accounting softwares you use) in MyCodaBox.
As long as the environments belong to the same organization that you are a part of, you can now access each of your environments in MyCodaBox! 

Manage MyCodaBox users?

You can create an unlimited number of users yourself from within MyCodaBox - completely free of charge - for your organization (if you work with several colleagues).

In MyCodaBox, you can designate specific users within your organization to act as administrators. These 'Admin' users can manage other users and invite new ones. 


In MyCodaBox, you can enable two-factor authentication: that way, your account will be extra secure! 


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TOP MENU: Manage and access your organizations - Environments

Note:  The Administration menu is only visible to users with this role in MyCodaBox.

If you manage companies across multiple organizations (for example, if you work for multiple companies in a group structure), you can navigate from one organization to another via the top menu. 

A single account is all you need to access multiple environments in MyCodaBox (one environment per software or per branch). You don't need to log out and log back in to manage the companies of another software. As long as the environments belong to the same organization that you are a part of, you can acces the different environments in MyCodaBox via this menu. 

  • Manage users
    Manage the MyCodaBox users within your organization. 
    A new colleague joining? Invite them to MyCodaBox yourself, and they'll be up and running in no time! 
  • Organization info 
    Manage the details of your organization(s) that are registered with CodaBox, e.g. the address (if you change certain data while a new mandate for your own organization was requested and is not yet signed, you will be notified that this mandate has been updated and the updated version must be signed) or the invoicing email address.
    → Does your company registration number need to be changed? Contact
  • CodaBox Connect 
    Displays an overview (CodaBox Connect consents) of the applications that have acces to the companies' files, along with the consent status and consent ID. 
    → Changing accounting software? Use this menu to revoke an application's access to these files.


LEFT MENU: Managing Companies - Services - Mandates - Info and useful links

  • Overview of existing problems at company level
    The message indicates what needs to be modified and when the information of a company isn't correct or is incomplete. 
    Currently (other problem reports are being developed), this dashboard groups the companies for which:
    • The company e-mail address is incorrect
      Important: The e-mail address is required if CODA documents need to be sent to this address. 
    • KBC/CBC bank account is not linked to CodaBox
      The accountholder has not yet created the link with CodaBox in the KBC/CBC banking app.
      Note: Mandates are only displayed on the Dashboard if the link is not made within 7 days.
    • Can't deliver files to Exact Online
      Follow these instructions to correctly set up the Exact Online postbox.

  • Company list
    This list contains all of the companies you registered on MyCodaBox (add a new company via +Add or transfer in the left menu). For existing companies, you can easily apply for new mandates and services. Edit a company's data or export company data in CSV or Excel format. 
  • Company transfer list
    Track the status of your company transfer requests.
  • + Add or transfer
    Add companies and enter their details OR transfer a company, which already exists with CodaBox (for example, under another accountant) to your management. 

  • CODA 
    List of all CODA mandates per company, their status and the activation date of these mandates. 

    Search CODA mandates and bank accounts by different criteria.
    Export a list of CODA mandates and bank accounts in CSV our Excel format. 
    Request CODA from the past to be delivered.

  • Contracts & Services  
    Useful information about all Contracts and Services offered by CodaBox. 
  • Environment info
    Manage the details of your environment(s) that are registered with CodaBox (e.g. the e-mail address where you receive CodaBox communications). 
    → Are you changing your accounting software? Contact
  • e-Box
    Link to the Social Security portal
  • What's New
    Link to our FAQ with an overview of all the new features
  • Status Page
    Access to our Services Status page

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