In order to use the Voila service as an accountant, CodaBox needs an agreement from every client you want to register for this

CodaBox registers the client on the different channels:

 Currently Zoomit and Peppol

With this agreement CodaBox is able to contact the suppliers of your clients to collect the invoices destined to your clients

CodaBox gathers the documents of the enterprise from different channels and delivers it to you and to the enterprise.

  • The PDF of the invoice is sent to the client via e-mail
  • You will receive the invoice in UBL- and/or PDF format via the delivery method of your choice*


Pricing information

Activating the VOILA Service for your client does not lead to any cost for him/her.

You can find the pricing and general conditions of the VOILA service via MyCodaBox - ACCOUNT - Contracts & Services - VOILA and in our article: VOILA and VOILA via Clearfacts pricing

Channels Peppol and Zoomit

Currently Peppol and Zoomit are the available channels, CodaBox registers the client on these 2 channels via which the connected suppliers can also offer them their purchase invoices.

Delivery mode of purchase invoices
  • Delivery of the VOILA Service to the accountant: as with the CODA service, we provide the purchase invoices via the delivery method of your choice.
  • Delivery to the client: the client receives the purchase invoices by email from invoices@codabox.com.

Connected suppliers

We are working on this list with a lot of commitment. The number of suppliers is a thousand times greater than the number of banks or social secretariats. That's why we focus on open networks like PEPPOL, which we make as accessible as possible.

However, it is important to us to conclude an agreement with these suppliers in order to guarantee delivery.

In reality, the number of suppliers from whom you will receive invoices for your client is much higher.

List of guaranteed digital invoice suppliers?

You can find on overview of digital suppliers on Our partners

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