Options available per Client

E-mail for the delivery of purchase invoices to my client
To adapt the e-mail address, used by CodaBox to send the purchase invoices to your client: 
Go to MyCodaBox > CLIENTS > Clients List> Search your client/client details > VOILA tab > Settings 

Click on Edit to select one of the 2 options and adapt the e-mail address

Select an option: delivery to the address already configured in the client details or via a specific address for VOILA.

Enter the new e-mail address if necessary and click Save Changes

Resend e-mail verification

The verification of your client's e-mail address can be resent via MyCodaBox > CLIENTS MANDATES & SERVICES > VOILA. Find your client in the list and click on his/her name to display his/her details > VOILA tab, under Settings, click on Resend

Important: as long as your client's e-mail address is not 'Verified' in MyCodaBox, we cannot send him/her the purchase invoices. So don't hesitate to use this function to speed up the verification process.

Add/remove Zoomit bank accounts
By activating a bank account for VOILA, the invoices available on this account via Zoomit, will be collected directly by CodaBox. The bank accounts, for which we have an active mandate and which can be activated for Zoomit, are available in:  MyCodaBox > CLIENTS > Client List > Search your client/client details > VOILA tab > Zoomit

Stop the VOILA Service for my client
The VOILA Service can be stopped via MyCodaBox > Follow our procedure

Options available for my Office

Delivery of purchase invoices in my accounting software

Purchase invoices are delivered via the delivery method of your choice

Do you only want to receive purchase invoices in your software connected to the CodaBox API (e.g. ClearFacts) and not in any other way / via another software? 

Activate the option available for each client individually in MyCodaBox > CLIENTS > Clients list > Search for your client/client details > VOILA tab > Settings

Note: Before activating this option, please contact your software provider to check if this is possible in your package.

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