Access to MyCodaBox consists of:

A Username - A Password - An E-mail address 

If you work with different accounting software, different MyCodaBox platforms will be created.

You can use the same email address for all your MyCodaBox platforms but you will need to create different user names.

→ CodaBox automatically contacts you to create a new user name per platform.

To simplify the management of your different platforms, you can use the following method to create your usernames and passwords, for example:

If you use a Yuki Platform

Username = username_yuki

Password = password_yuki

E-mail address =


 a Kluwer Platform

Username = username_kluwer

Password = password_kluwer

E-mail address =

Note: If you reset your password, you will be prompted to change your password for each user name linked to the email address you are using

You can find the list of CodaBox partner software by clicking here