MyCodaBox access

Access to MyCodaBox consists of:

  • An E-mail address
  • A Password 

If you work with different accounting software, different MyCodaBox environments will be created.

With the same e-mail address, you can access all of your MyCodaBox environments.

In MyCodaBox, you can enable two-factor authentication: that way, your account will be extra secure! Read all about it here.

Are you changing your accounting software or using a new one?

Contact our support via

  • We will send you the necessary documents to be signed.
  • Once we receive the signed documents, we will also create a new MyCodaBox environment per software. You can access it directly via MyCodaBox.
  • Concerning CODA pricing, we cumulate the current accounts of all environments to calculate the price, the SODA service is to be paid per environment. 

You work with several accounting softwares already registered with us and you want to transfer your client?
Accountancy merger and access to users from the other Office

How can I access another Accountancy's client list? 


We're about to merge with another Office, but for the time being we'll continue to exist under separate company registration numbers.

Do you already have a MyCodaBox account for your office (e.g. The other office can give you access to its MyCodaBox environment


The other office sends an invitation to from its MyCodaBox environment, so that you can also access its environment as a MyCodaBox user.

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